Global network expansion

Small and medium businesses watch every expense carefully. For this reason, Joho Technology consultants design solutions that are finely tailored to the client’s needs and budget, saving money and reducing maintenance costs over the long run. Our experience in serving smaller clients lets us create high-performance systems while meeting tight budget constraints.

Recruitment Firm

Client needs: The company expanded internationally to establish branch offices in Europe and the US. They required standardization of their systems to drive down costs and enhance system performance.

Solution: Handling remote connections to the corporate global network required a focus on security and open (Internet-based) standards. Joho Technology consultants recommended an IP-VPN solution using Cisco hardware, with IP Security protocol and 168-bit (3DES) encryption. Virtual Private Dial-Up Network (VPDN) functionality was also added to allow freelance staff access to the company’s network from remote locations.

Results: Overhead costs were reduced by 23% due to lower communication charges and increased ease of managing the new network. Valuable data was protected with the most up-to-date encryption methods, authentication, and data integrity for secure tunneling across the Internet. Flexibility and scalability were built in, so the firm could easily grow its network as necessary.