Company Information

Our Mission

We help clients lower their Total Cost of Ownership by providing the best imaginable service through quality best-practice solutions.

We do this by:

  • Installing reliable, robust systems designed to minimize downtime and reduce business risk.
    Providing an IT Service Desk that responds to user requests.
  • Performing regular proactive maintenance so potential problems are identified and corrected before they impact users.
  • Managing technology (including coordination with overseas offices, and local vendors) so our clients can focus on their business.

Joho Technology End-to-End IT Support

IT Infrastructure Consulting

  • Initial IT Audit
  • Periodic IT reviews and consulting

Project Management

  • Planning and solution design
  • Quality, Cost and Time Management
  • Implementation and documentation

Managed Technology Services

  • Remote bi-lingual IT Service Desk
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • IT procurement services (hardware/software)
  • Asset and inventory management

Our Service Diamond

We are Joho Technology: Quality IT doesn’t have to be a luxury

In 1987, I arrived in Japan as an industrial control systems engineer. I had an understanding of how complex mechanical devices and processes can be designed to fit together and maintained to run smoothly. In Japan, I soon learned that computer networks are very similar. With proper design, careful implementation, and regular maintenance, they perform reliably.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to work on IT systems for the finance industry. It was here that I understood the level of planning and attention to detail that went into the world’s most reliable IT systems. This was enterprise-level performance, and financial firms were ready to spend whatever was necessary to achieve it.

After several years, I decided to start Joho Technology, applying the lessons of supporting enterprise systems to smaller businesses. I thought, why should quality IT be a luxury reserved for large companies with deep pockets? The fundamentals of good IT design and system management apply to systems of any size. I set out to deliver trouble-free performance at a reasonable cost by scaling solutions to meet a smaller company’s budget.

Our guiding principle is that good IT is for everyone. With discipline and imagination, we work to realize that vision for every client we serve, every day.

Allan Lind, President
Joho Technology Inc.