Embassies and government offices have additional budget constraints and regulatory requirements that make building and maintaining effective systems especially challenging. Joho Technology consultants propose cost-saving measures that make upgrading of old systems possible, while achieving significant gains in security, reliability, and performance.

Foreign Embassy

Client needs: As a foreign government office in Tokyo, the Embassy had many specific requirements for their technology systems. Being part of a large government organization, while at the same time being physically and technologically isolated from home office, adds extra complexities. These include: the ability to read and write e-mails and documents in English and Japanese, purchasing and maintaining English-based systems in a non-English speaking country, as well as meeting the home government’s standards for data security.

Budgeting for maintenance and new hardware also needed to meet home office requirements. Vendors must be specially designated to sell products and services without adding Japanese consumption tax.

Solution: Joho Technology communicated easily with the home office technology department and tailored our solutions to meet all requirements.

Our Japanese-government “Designated Store” status allows us to sell products and services tax free to government bodies, eliminating additional paperwork for the client.

Results: Joho Technology achieved client requirements at all levels with ease. Budget constraints, home office data security requirements, bilingual solutions and local tax exemption status are just some of the areas where Joho Technology satisfies diverse client requirements.