Contract outsourcing

Client case study:
France-based multinational investment bank

Client needs: The Tokyo office of this world-class corporate and investment bank required experienced IT professionals in Japan to complement in-house Help Desk staff. At the same time, client headquarters in Paris insisted that the Tokyo office keep administration and HR costs to a minimum.

Solution: Joho Technology consultants proposed a contract outsourcing solution, and provided three fulltime, on-site Help Desk Engineers, who would provide application, network, and desktop support as needed. This team would also be responsible for user support and regular maintenance updates. In addition to these tasks, these engineers participate in move and change projects and workstation standardization and rebuilding.

Results: Users in the client’s Tokyo office enjoy the same level of support and maintenance as their counterparts in Paris, while the Tokyo-based organization saves on HR administration overhead. Joho Technology provides staff to meet client requirements, and can supplement on-site services with specialized support whenever necessary.

Primary benefits

  • No HR management costs
  • No training costs
  • Purchase only the level of support you require
  • Access to additional assets/support on demand

The Joho Approach

1. Client Assessment

  • Jobsite/task requirements
  • Budget/financing considerations
  • Written report of findings

2. Solution Design

  • Staffing/support level
  • Additional vendor/system recommendations
  • Presentation/feedback
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

3. Implementation

  • Presentation of candidates
  • Staff orientation and training
  • Scheduling and project management
  • Payroll/benefits administration

4. Upkeep and Reporting

  • Ongoing staff training
  • Client change orders and modifications
  • New staff/technology additions
  • Summary reporting